Master of Ceremonies Opening Remarks
 Alan Corner, Director, Middle East and Asia, Helios, UAE
Welcome Address and Opening Keynote:
 HE Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director General, General Civil Aviation Authority, UAE
Session 1: The importance of developing modern air transportation systems
bulletIf it’s not broken, don’t fix it? Communicating to a wider audience why the modernisation of air transportation systems is of critical economic importance  
bulletAll aboard: Co-operations, collaboration and harmonisation acrossall industry stakeholders iscrucialin order to maximise any airspace efficiency gains, but who should pay for it?  
bulletStrengthening the business case: what are the broader economic and environmental factors to be considered in the modernisation of air transportation systems? 

Jeff Johnson, VP, Boeing International, President, Boeing Middle East, UAE

Rudy Kellar, EVP, Service Delivery, NAV CANADA
Sébastien Borel, MD, Airbus ProSky, France
Rick Allen, SVP, Flight Operations, Etihad, UAE

Jeff Poole, Director General, Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO), Netherlands

Coffee and Networking Break
Session 2: Encouraging regional cooperation to deliver increased efficiency and capacity of MENA airspace
bulletExploring potential steps that could be taken to increase the efficiency and capacity of MENA airspace  
bulletUnderstanding the military mission in order to develop coordinated use of airspace between commercial and military users  
bulletAre modern avionic systems sufficient to allow cooperation to increase efficiency and capacity? 

Ahmed Al Jallaf, Assistant Director General, Air Navigation Services (ANS), General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), UAE

Achim Baumann, Regional Director, Safety, Operations and Infrastructure, International Air Transport Association (IATA), Jordan
Mohamed Khonji, Regional Director, International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Middle East Office, Egypt

Sébastien Borel, MD, Airbus ProSky, France

Session 3: The dos and don’ts – lessons learnt from other regional airspace modernisation programmes
bulletPresenting SESAR’s and CAAS’ operational and technological improvements and how these aim to contribute to the modernisation of the European and Asia-Pacific ATM system 
bulletHighlighting NexGenmovement toward satellite-based digital technologies and new procedures to make air travel more predictable  
bulletReviewing the MEAUSE workgroup plans – creating a platform for the continuous engagement of all stakeholders to shape a future vision and plan for the region 

Steve Bradford, Chief Scientist, NexGen, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), US
Gudrun Held, Head of DFS Office Brussels, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
Wing Commander Rob Dargan, Royal Airforce Force (RAF), UK
Jonathan Astill, Director, International Affairs, NATS, UK

Bo Redeborn, Independent Aviation Consultant, Redeborn Consulting AB, Belgium

Lunch and Networking Break
Session 4: Regulatory Panel Discussion: Providing first-class global governance for a modern air transportation system
bulletShould there be a common global standard for avionics? 
bulletIs the modernisation of air transportation systems necessary for the aviation industry to meet its growing environmental targets? 
bulletAre regulators too reactive? How can regulators keep ahead of developments rather than trailing them? 

Adel Ali, CEO, Air Arabia, UAE
Ismaeil Mohammed Al Blooshi, Assistant Director General, Aviation Safety Affairs Sector, General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)
Ahmed Al Haddabi, COO, Abu Dhabi Airports, UAE
Mohamed Abu Baker Farea, Director, Aviation Development and Planning, Department of Transport, Abu Dhabi
Jeff Poole, Director General, Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO), Netherlands

Chris Sontaie Ferrell, VP, International Business, JTA

15:00Networking Coffee Break
Session 5: Your workforce is only human - the importance of human factors and training
bulletThe aviation workforce needs to increase in linewith the forecast increase in air traffic. How is the industry responding to this challenge? 
bulletHow can new technologies be employed to ease the pressure on human capital? 
bulletHow is training being implemented in order to “up-skill” the existing workforce? 

Dr. Nicklas Dahlstrom , Human Factors Manager, Emirates, UAE
Cengiz Turkoglu, Senior Lecturer, Air Transport Engineering, City University London, UK
Capt. Nasir Iqbal, Manager Safety Risk Management Section, General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), UAE

Michael Herrero, Area Manager, Gulf Area, International Air Transport Association (IATA) - Gulf Area

Dr. Baba Yerra, PhD (Aviation Management), Author, Academic and Consultant, UAE

Master of Ceremonies Closing Remarks
 Alan Corner, Director, Middle East and Asia, Helios, UAE
End of Day One