Master of Ceremonies Opening Remarks
Alan Corner, Director, Middle East and Asia, Helios, UAE
Session 1: What are the implications of modernising air transportation systems for airlines, airports, ATC and other key industry stakeholders?
bulletLooking at performance - highlighting airlines’ requirements, how these are evolving, and discussing optimal solutions  
bulletCan ANSPs becoming the connectors to facilitate and increase stakeholder collaboration and accelerate change?  
bulletAddressing how avionics can contribute to the effective use of sovereign airspace and flexible use of airspace between civil and military stakeholders 

Solle Svan, VP Strategy, Dubai Air Navigation Services (DANS)
Geoff Hounsell, VP, Flight Operations Support Services & ATM, Emirates, UAE
Michael Underwood, Director Business Development, Precision Statellite Landing Systems, Honeywell Aerospace, US
Todd Donovan, VP, Strategy - Air Traffic Management, Thales

Session 2: Discussing the technologies that will drive and change the air transportation systems
bulletReviewing how radar and tracking technologies contributes to managing ATC 
bulletThe evolutions of avionics - what developments can the industry expect? 
bulletDiscussing advancements in satellite-based navigation and automatic dependent surveillance 

Capt. Alan Stealey, Divisional SVP, Flight Operations, Emirates, UAE

Don Thoma, President and CEO, Aireon

Okko F. Bleeker, Director R&D Europe, Rockwell Collins

Lars Lindberg, President and Founder, AVTECH Sweden AB, Sweden

Coffee and Networking Break
Session 3: Opening up commercial airspace to unmanned aerial systems
bulletHighlighting the challenges of integrating unmanned aerial systems into an airspace that is already congested 
bulletExploring the viability of the capability for unmanned aerial systems to automatically detect and avoid conflicts with aircraft 
bulletAnalysing steps to be taken in order to regulate unmanned aerial systems and which stakeholders need to be involved in this process 

Douglas Raaberg, Chief Executive, UAE, Northrop Grumman, UAE

Dr Carl Loller, Director, Future Projects & Technology, BAE Systems (UK) - Military Air & Information, UK
Mohammad Faisal Al Dossari, Director, Aviation Safety Affairs, Air Navigation & Aerodrome, General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), UAE
Ed Jarvis, Senior Operations Research Analyst, UAS Research & Development, International, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), US

Philip Church, Principal Consultant, Helios, UK

Session 4: Introducing new technologies to increase efficiencies with airport ground operations
bulletDebating the benefits of accelerated "real-time" decision making through enhanced information and date sharing amongst all stakeholders 
bulletIncreasing throughput by allowing ground operations at the gate, air traffic control and airlines to share information and data for inbound and outbound flights  
bulletCan CDM lead to improvements in the quality of information management and distribution amongst all stakeholders?  

Jean-Michel Cardi, Program Management Expert, Airbus Defence and Space, France
Javier Pérez Diestro, Aeronautical Business Account Director for Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa, Ineco, Spain

Bharat Bhatia, Manager Operations Control, dnata, UAE

Master of Ceremonies Closing Remarks
Alan Corner, Director, Middle East and Asia, Helios, UAE
Lunch and Networking Break
End of Summit
CANSO: Transforming global and regional ATM
14:00Introductions and Keynote Speech
 Jeff Poole, Director General, CANSO
Hamad Alaufi, Director Middle East Affairs, CANSO
Session 1: Providing frameworks for success

SMART regulatory / organisational frameworks – enabling successful ANS operation

Setting and measuring objectives: Benchmarking and CANSO fitness check
Benchmarking – the quantitative approach
Alan Corner, Director, Middle East and Asia, Helios, UAE

CANSO fitness check - self-assessment tool to set priorities and measure success
Dr. Giles Pateman, NATS

Performance – driven ANSP management
Iacopo Prissinotti, ENAV

Facilitator: John Swift, Director Middle East, NATS

Session 2: Measurable success through collaboration

Success through collaboration: the ME platform for stakeholder collaboration and engagement
Gudrun Held, Head of DFS Office Brussels, DFS and MEAUSE Chair

Leading and actively supporting regional ATM-transformation
Hasam Karam, Serco ME and CANSO Operations Standing Committee

Adding value by improving Safety in the Middle East
Gary Lloyd, NATS ME Office and CANSO Safety Standing Committee

Facilitator: Hamad Alaufi, Director Middle East Affairs, CANSO

16:30Wrap Up and Next Steps
 Hamad Alaufi, Director Middle East Affairs, CANSO