Bo Redeborn

Redeborn Consulting AB, Belgium

Independent Aviation Consultant

Bo is presently and recently engaged in several activities concerning ATM and airports as well as improved performance for Airlines. About a year ago Bo left Eurocontrol after 10 years as Director

Bo Redeborn joined EUROCONTROL as Director Air Traffic Management (ATM) Strategies on 1st February 2004, leading the development of the Agency’s strategic contribution to the Single European Sky initiative. On 1st January 2011, he became Principal Director ATM. In this role he was responsible for overseeing the organisation’s ATM policy and development and for managing high-level strategic relations with key ATM partners. He was also Director SESAR and Research, overseeing EUROCONTROL’s contribution to the SESAR Joint Undertaking Work Programme.

Mr Redeborn was the EUROCONTROL representative in the SESAR Joint Undertaking Administrative Board and he participates as an observer in the Single Sky Committee and the Industry Consultation Body.

Mr Redeborn started training as an air traffic controller at the Swedish ATS Academy in 1972 and was subsequently employed by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). He spent six years as an air traffic controller in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on an ICAO technical assistance mission, then returned to the Swedish CAA and took up managerial functions with increasing responsibility. Before joining EUROCONTROL, he headed the Air Navigation Services ATM Support & Development Business Area and was responsible for technical and operational support and development with regard to the provision of air traffic control services and air navigation systems in Sweden.

During his career, Mr Redeborn has participated in a wide variety of international working groups at EUROCONTROL, ICAO and the EU, and he has made presentations related to the implementation of ATM communications, navigation and surveillance systems (CNS/ATM) in particular on numerous occasions all over the world.