Chris Sontaie Ferrell


VP, International Business

Chris Sontaie Ferrell is the Vice President of International Business at JTA, a company who for three decades has solved some of the most complex air traffic problems around the world.

For more than 22-years, Chris has consistently contributed insightful and innovative ideas throughout her career. She has engaged in a variety of roles spanning airports, ANSP’s, and aircraft operators giving her a broad perspective reflecting all three components of the air transportation system.

Chris’s diverse background included many years in the legal industry developing defense strategies for some of the world’s largest insurers like Lloyds of London and AIG on behalf of commercial aircraft operators. She also served in several airport roles including public relations, safety compliance, and noise and environmental.

Wanting to make a difference in aviation on a larger scale, Chris worked in government in America leading the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) efforts on behalf of the State of California’s 254 public airports. While in this position, Chris successfully championed the development of the State’s first-ever public-private partnership for implementation of near-term NextGen benefits for airports and airlines.

As part of her more recent career experience, Chris worked many years as a Director for a large, global ANSP in a variety of leadership roles. During that time, she had the privilege of living in the UAE and leading the development of a plan to help transform its air transportation system.

Chris has also been a pilot for more than 20-years holding commercial, multi-engine, and instrument ratings. She is one of a small number of women in the world who additionally holds an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic’s license.