Philip Church

Helios, UK

Principal Consultant

Philip is a Principal Consultant and an avionics engineer who for the past 15 years has focused on the introduction of new technologies to aviation supporting safety and operational improvements. He has a breadth of experience with aviation stakeholders across all areas of ATM/CNS, including project management, technical specifications, safety assessments, cost benefit analysis, market forecast, training, standardisation and industry support. He specialises in navigation, including GNSS procedures and novel ATM concepts. For the past few years, Philip has been active in an industry-led RPAS Focus Group with the goal of achieving integration of UAS within civil airspace. He has successfully led the development of a safety case for limited access of an RPAS to Class G, non-segregated airspace and is a member of Eurocae WG-93. In his spare time, Philip has also built his own RPAS.